2020 Oscar Ballot Contest + Theater 1 Returns in February

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2020 Oscar Ballot Contest + Theater 1 Returns in February

By Scott Pukos

With a slew of surprises and snubs, the 2020 Oscar nominations have been announced. I know the first question that you have, so I'll just get to it: Theater 1 is  being finalized for daily use once again (more on this in a second), so we will not host an Oscars screening party this year. I had such a blast at last year's party, so this is a bit of a bummer for all of us at The Little too. Having said that, we'll be joining in on the Oscars fun in a different way...

A ballot contest!

By next week, we'll have ballots for you to fill out at The Little (you'll see them on the counter outside the cafe entrance). Please include your name and email so we can reach you if you're our big winner. The rules are simply, you just fill out the ballot, place it in the ballot box, and we'll have a grand prize winner (the person who gets the most picks correct), along with a few runner-up treats. The top prize is FREE LITTLE POPCORN FOR ONE YEAR. Swimming in the gloriously delicious snack, Scrooge McDuck-style, is highly recommended. Runner-up prizes will be announced later.

Theater 1 update

Theater 1 is going to return for daily use in early February, so while we just miss out on an Academy Awards Party, the wait is almost over. In the meantime, we will continue to have occasional events before the historic space is open on a daily basis. The next such event is a 40th anniversary screening of The Shining at 9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 18, as part of our Saturday Night Rewind series with Fright-Rags. My idea to promote the screening by scribbling REDRUM on the walls was sadly rejected.

For the full-time return of Theater 1, we'll have a soft opening in early February to get a feeling for the news space, followed by a grand return on Valentine's Day, along with a Little Concert Series show featuring Hubby Jenkins on Feb. 15 (tickets and more information will be available shortly for this).

CLICK HERE for a look at the historic rehabilitation of The Little's East Avenue theater.