2018: The Year of the Documentary

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2018: The Year of the Documentary

By Scott Pukos

It's official: 2018 is the year of the documentary.
To be clear, fantastic documentaries have always existed, and are always available at The Little (heck, we have an entire series and festival dedicated to docs). But this year we've seen some legit blockbuster docs.

It started in January with Jane -- the Jane Goodall doc. There was even some speculation that the popularity of the film hurt its Oscar chances (I obviously can't fact-check that, but it's certainly true that Jane is both award-worthy and mega popular).

Since Jane, RBG and Won't You Be My Neighbor? have also entered blockbuster territory. It's rare that a pair of documentaries have garnered this level of popularity and buzz. The success of these two films (both currently playing at The Little) is well-deserved. For one, they're both simply great movies from talented filmmakers. But also, their subjects, messages, etc. are just the antidote we need these days. They'll leave you inspired, tear-streaked, happy.

Three Identical Strangers is another documentary that seemingly every pop culture site is raving about, and for good reason. It works if you know the story ahead of time, but this bonkers story about separated triplets is even better if you don't know too much before watching the film. It reminded me of Tickled -- another doc that starts off whimsical, and even downright funny, before turning down a surprisingly dark path. Both films play like detective thrillers, and had me thinking about them long after I left my seat at The Little.

If you missed Three Identical Strangers during its May One Take run, I have good news. It's returning for a full run starting Friday, July 20. Just like Won't You Be My Neighbor? and RBG, it's one of my favorite movies of the year. Tell your friends!

Do you have a favorite documentary of the year, or one you're looking forward to watching? Let me know!