Liar's Moon


Liar's Moon

Sunday, November 19

Draw a straight line from The Byrds through Buffalo Springfield, take a slight left at Tom Petty’s Wildflowers era and then head Northeast. That is exactly where you will find Jerry Falzone & Liar’s Moon. Southern California acoustic rock with an Upstate New York sensibility, they are hard at work on their second record, Chasing Ghosts.

You can always tell how good a band is by the company they keep.  Grammy nominee, Kate Lee has played on both records, Chris Wilson has added his vocal work to both records, Fred Vine, Steve Piper, Bill Tiberio, Bob Martin have all stopped by to lend a hand. That is a pretty stellar class of musicians.

Liar’s Moon is singer songwriter Jerry Falzone, Pianist ken Colombo, Guitarist Jon Greeno, Bassist Ross Bracco and Drummer Mark Annal.