Jethro Gaede

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Jethro Gaede

I am a 1981 graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore (BFA) with an emphasis in printmaking and illustration. I work in a variety of mixed media and formats, including traditional painting, collage, sculpture, digital art and photography, book arts, and printmaking.

I am also a tenured professor of anthropology (PhD) with concentration in the expressive and performative culture (art, music, ritual, dance, regalia, religion, food, and folklore), with specialization in the area of Native North American Indians. I am a Vietnam Era veteran who was trained and served as a Navy photographer.

Creating art has been a lifelong occupation, beginning at a very early age. Textures, patterns, color and light excite me. I am likewise intrigued by the enigmatic, the surreal, the odd juxtapositions, and order and chaos found in the natural world around us. In 1979, while a student at the Institute, I coined the term Spoonfish and since then have been creating an eclectic body of work centered on this sometimes enigmatic, sometimes, surreal or magical creature. Over the years, I have created a number of series referencing the anthropomorphic qualities possessed by all Spoonfish. In time, a selection of these "Spoonfish works will perhaps find their way into these portfolio pages. In the meantime, I trust viewers will find my gallery of work worth a tour. For anyone wishing to purchase my work, I kindly direct you to my galleries where a number of works are available in a variety of formats. Namaste!