Jason Moon


Jason Moon

Since his return from the Iraq War in 2004, Jason has come to realize that there is both a terrible lack of awareness in the civilian community regarding their obligations to soldiers returning from war, and that the transition from warrior to civilian of soldiers returning from war is often handled very badly by our culture.

In recognition of this situation, in an attempt to rectify it, and in order to find healing himself from the rigors of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Jason has developed an interactive performance/discussion using music, information, and community designed to raise awareness among civilians of the needs of soldiers returning from war and to provide a transitional experience for soldiers who have returned from war.

Jason's mission grew out of his personal quest to bring his latest album, Trying to Find My Way Home, into being. Only able to finish a single song in over five years after his return from Iraq, Jason was asked to participate in the documentary On the Bridge about Iraq War veterans' experiences on returning from the Middle East. He was then asked to finish several of his songs so that they might be used for the film. On the Bridge has since been released, and is available for screening.

This process of writing these songs provided the spark Jason needed to be able to once again take up his guitar and write several more songs, which combined became the nucleus of his new album and began an extraordinarily healing process. He sought to translate the healing he experienced in the creation of his album into something that would bring that same healing to others who he knew suffered as he did.

Based on the success of TTFMWH in the veterans community, Jason started a new nonprofit, Warrior Songs, Inc., in 2012. Warrior Songs seeks to take the stories provided by veterans and honor them by setting them to music and turning them into songs.  To learn more about his nonprofit please visit www.warriorsongs.org

It is Jason's mission to bring this experience where it is needed.  Since January 1st 2011 Jason has traveled over 100,000 miles, meeting with and making over 100 presentations to approximately 3,000 veterans and service men and women, and 10,000 civilians. He also gave out over 2,500 copies of “Trying to Find My Way Home” free to Veterans.  None of this would have been accomplished without the generous donations he has received from those who support his mission.