Connie Deming

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Connie Deming

Connie Deming, New England daughter of a classical pianist and a baritone, grew  up "singing in secret."

From the artist herself: "I watched the way my father presided over my sister's voice, winced as my brother mocked the operatic sounds coming from her throat as she practiced her vocalizations, and decided I wanted none of that kind of scrutiny.  I would wait until the piano and I could be alone, savoring the fun and freedom of it, and sing! Thanks to a few years of my mother's piano lessons, I was able to accompany myself.  By the end of my senior year in high school, I'd let the cat out of the bag and joined school choirs and talent shows, singing everything I could get my hands on, from Faure and Bernstein to Joni Mitchell and Elton John and the Beatles.  I loved it all, picking up the guitar as well, which my father and brother and boyfriend played.  When my son was born in 1985, I began to write my own songs."