Cathryn Smith

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Cathryn Smith

The Little Café art gallery presents mixed media artwork by Cathryn Smith relaying a particular set of experiences she had in Spain. In June, 2014 she walked the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage spanning 550 miles, walked over the course of 36 days.

When Cathryn returned from her expedition, she found it impossible to grasp or explain the magnitude of the experience. Mixed media artwork expanded her communication, allowing her to touch on specific sights, sounds, shapes and colors from the journey. She said she wanted to do two things with her work: Reduce each day to its simplest form, and juxtapose that with the enormity of her trip.

Cathryn is a professor of English at Monroe Community College.  She has published poems in a variety of small magazines and her book The Glory Walk, a memoir about her father’s Alzheimer’s disease, was published in 2000.  Images from the Camino is her first mixed media exhibit.