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Cafe closed Sunday, Aug. 28

The Little Cafe will be closed Sunday, Aug. 28, but don't worry, we're back the following day (Monday, Aug. 29) with a can't miss show from The Brothers Blue!




seat sale vertical image_0.pngThe Facts:

  • We are currently preparing to restore Theater 1 on East Avenue to its former Art Deco, 1920s glory, and also improve accessibility, durability and comfort of its furnishings.
  • You can help with this effort by purchasing new seats for Theater 1!
  • Seats will sell for $1,500 for one seat or $2,400 for two seats with payment options ranging from full cash payments to multiyear pledges finished by 2016.
  • For your donation, your name will be permanently etched on a display in the renovated Theater 1 lobby to recognize your generous donation of a seat or seats.

Click here to participate in the Seat Campaign! 

The Little Theatre Seat Campaign Story:

When The Little opened on October 17, 1929, the Little Theatre Movement in the United States was already starting to fizzle. It had been built on heady artistic ideals, but as the 20s drew to a close, large, opulent movie palaces choked out the more modest, intimate art house.

Maybe it was because it was a latecomer, or maybe because it had the grit to weather the Great Depression (which started two weeks after our opening) - regardless, extensive research from multiple sources tells us that The Little is the only remaining theatre from that movement that remains true to its original ideal of bringing cinema of the highest caliber to its city. And our city is Rochester.

Over eight decades later, it's time for The Little to be restored to its former 1920s Art Deco glory. Along with many planned revisions to the theater’s interior will be a complete replacement of seats. We're going to combine accessible comfort with respect to the original design in these new seats. As great as this sounds, it's going to be a hefty task - about 300 seats in Theater 1 need to be replaced.

Combined with the safety upgrades, handicapped accessible bathrooms and doorways and general refurbishment, getting Little Theater 1 up to its former glory will be a big job, but this is the first step. 

You have an opportunity to be among the first to participate in our Seat Campaign - breaking the seal on this new Little age. Theater 1 will be the first available theater and we expect these seats to go fast.

Checks can be made payable to "The Little Theatre Film Society" and mailed to: 

Little Seat Campaign
PO Box 20570
Rochester NY 14602-0570 

Click here to participate in the Seat Campaign!

The Little Theatre "The Perfect Seat" from The Little Theatre on Vimeo.