Sangriaville opens 6-10pm daily starting Friday, June 24 to Sunday, July 2. 

The party is happening in our outdoor lounge area and right inside our historic theater 1 space on East Avenue.

Sangria2.jpgThe Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival is now in its 15th year, and we're definitely prepared to let the jazz flow through our walls. Also flowing? Sangria from Salena's! Our Sangriaville is back for its third year -- we'll serve amazing Salena's sangria up front in theater 1. We'll also have sangria slushies (as incredible as they sound), vanilla mu shakes (so good) and we'll bring back the nacho machine! Bonus: Our patio area outside theaters 2-5 is ready for you to lounge in.

The theater 1 lineup:

- Friday, June 24, 7 & 9:15pm: Driftwood
- Saturday, June 25, 7 & 9:15pm: Roses & Revolutions
- Sunday, June 26, 7 & 9:15pm: The Majestics
- Monday, June 27, 7 & 9:15pm: Scott Neuman Spin Cycle
- Tuesday, June 28, 7 & 9:15pm: Pete McCann Quartet
- Wednesday, June 29, 7 & 9:15pm: Trio East
- Thursday, June 30, 7 & 9:15pm: Dave Rivello Ensemble
- Friday, July 1, 7 & 9:15pm: Ben Monder
- Saturday, July 2, 7 & 9:15pm: Jacob's Cattle

Aside from the official festival bands, we'll have free shows in the cafe. That lineup is elsewhere in this letter, but for convenience, I'm including it here too:

- Friday, June 24, 8-10pm: Trio East
- Saturday, June 25, 8-10pm: Jackson Cavalier & The Fevertones
- Sunday, June 26, 8-10pm: The Uptown Groove
- Monday, June 27, 7-9pm: Sunny Paul guitarist
- Tuesday, June 28, 7-9pm: The Uptown Groove
- Wednesday, June 29, 7-9pm: John Palocy Trio
- Thursday, June 30, 7-9pm: Big Blue House
- Friday, July 1, 8-10pm: Crossmolina
- Saturday, July 2, 8-10pm: The Jane Mutiny

Check out a few fun Jazz inspired videos below to get you into that Sangriaville mood.

Radioactive - Vintage Jazz / Beatbox Imagine Dragons Cover ft. Blake Lewis