Sangriaville opens 6-10pm daily starting Friday June 19th thru Saturday June 27th. 

The party is happening at the new L1 Event Space, located right next to the entrance of Theatre1.

We at the Little are thrilled to present our new event space and we could think of no better way than with sangria! Yes – Sangriaville is back! Throughout Jazz Fest Salena’s Mexican Restaurant and the Little present a delicious oasis serving both chilled and frozen sangria as well as food and other treats. Make Sangriaville your go-to spot to refuel for more toe-tapping, finger snapping, and general jazzy revelry. See you there!

Sangria2.jpgSangriavilla will feature an array of delicious beverages ranging from Sangria (of course), MU( Vanilla) Slushies, beer, and other delights to quench your jazz induced palette.

In addition you can indulge in some of Salena's magnificent shredded chicken, shredded beef, or black bean tacos!  

Who doesn't love Tacos?  Seriously, who?  Nobody!  Everybody loves Tacos!


Get your fix on at Sangriaville with Chips, Tacos, and some seriously delicious drinks.  

We expect to see you there!  No, seriously....... we expect to see you there.

Check out a few fun Jazz inspired videos below to get you into that Sangriaville mood.

Radioactive - Vintage Jazz / Beatbox Imagine Dragons Cover ft. Blake Lewis