The Sleeping Beauty

Follow the Money




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About the Film:

In this Foreign Correspondent report from the Australian Broadcasting Company, multiple sides of the boycott question are introduced and explored. As reporter Eric Campbell states,


"Thirty years ago the world was boycotting South Africa to end apartheid. Today, there's a growing push to boycott Israel to end the occupation. It's a controversial movement that often likens democratic Israel to an apartheid regime, but with the peace process at a standstill, Palestinians are looking at new ways to fight."


Listen to different sides of the issue as Campbell interviews Palestinian activist Cairo Arafat, Sodastream CEO Daniel Birnbaum, and others.


Hear from Knesset member Alex Miller about an Israeli law which bans Israelis from supporting any boycotts, and listen to Knesset member Ahmad Tibi who openly challenges the same law by supporting a boycott of products made in West Bank settlements.