The Issa Valley: Dolina Issy

A Wife Alone


69 min


Not Rated

About the Film:

Join us on Friday December 27, 2013 at 3:15pm at the Little Theater for a Special Rochester Premiere Screening and Director's Q&A of A WIFE ALONE written and directed by Rochester native Justin Reichman! Justin will conduct a post-screening question and answer session.
A WIFE ALONE was filmed in Rochester, NY in Ellison Park, Brighton, etc. It world-premiered on June 6th at the Brooklyn Film Festival.

The film features talented Sundance alumni, American landmark cast and introduces new talent: Genevieve Hudson-Price (THE WIRE, NYC-22), Ashley Springer (DARE, TEETH, NURSE JACKIE), Sean Patrick Reilly (SLEEPERS, FOLLOWING BLISS), Catherine Curtin (SEX AND THE CITY, 30 ROCK), Mark Blum (CROCODILE DUNDEE, SHATTERED GLASS) and Alesandra Assante.

Logline: A former prostitute ensnares a young investment banker into marriage determined to avenge her lesbian lover and rob a group of corrupt business men, her husband included. 

Justin Reichman is a Brooklyn-based screenwriter and director with a strong, focused vision for his work. He began his career acting in various short films and credits his acting past to his ability to develop real, meaningful bonds with the actors he works with on his own films. Justin studied film directing at Columbia University but his real education came on set – he has worked for years as a script supervisor, working alongside a slew of talented directors, DP’s, and actors on productions of all budgets. Some of the films that Justin has worked on include Second Child, The Normals, and The Perfect House. Justin’s own short films include Chili For Breakfast, 13 Buckingham, and The Florist, an Official Selection at the Sante Fe Independent Film Festival. Justin is also a talented writer who co-authored Hoping Zwirner Dies, a finalist for the prestigious Sundance Screenwriting/Directing Lab.