Forever Young

Forever Young

Special Screening
Special One-Time Screening
Part of the One Take Documentary Series series.


60 min.


Not Rated

A few topics are important enough for Robin Lehman, Rochester’s Oscar-winning documentarian, to step into the limelight as a special guest. America’s overwhelming fear of aging is apparently one of those topics.

On Tuesday, May 13 at 7:00 p.m., Lehman will be at The Little to chat with the audience after a screening of his 1981 documentary, “Forever Young.”
The 9:15 show will be introduced by Robin Lehman.

Today, it’s assumed that as soon as a person’s youthful glow starts to fade, their best days are behind them. The Little’s One Take: Stories Through the Lens documentary series will debunk that myth with a film in which 26 active, interested and interesting senior citizens talk frankly about health, happiness, retirement, sex, death and their overall enjoyment of life.

The film won a Blue Ribbon in the 1981 American Film Festival and Best of Category at the San Francisco Film Festival in 1981.

“Forever Young,” will be preceded by a bonus screening of “Henry,” an Oscar-nominated live action short film about Alzheimer’s disease. This evening is dedicated to examining two sides of the aging process using two styles of motion picture styling.

Tickets to the event will be $8.

About the Film:

The fear of aging is one of the most persistent phobias of our youth-oriented culture. This film examines this fear and finds out what the post-retirement years are really like by going directly to the experts, a selected group of active, interested and interesting people who come from various professional, racial and social backgrounds. They include a skydiver, an artist, a farmer, the founder of the American Civil Liberties Union )(Roger Baldwin), a retired high school principal, a toymaker, a caterer, a columnist (Max Lerner), a barnstormer, a beekeeper and a critic (Norma Stoop). All are over 65.

The 26 individuals interviewed speak candidly of their enjoyment o life and frankly about health, happiness, retirement, sex and death. their responses to illness, pain, the inevitability of aging, loss and death are a testament to the human spirit. All of these older people share one thing in common - a true appreciation of life.