Jane Mutiny


The Jane Mutiny

The Jane Mutiny is the brainchild of Rochester, NY singer Sarah Jane Long, who was looking to turn her jazz, rock and blues background into a creatively unusual project that would incorporate several styles of music. She enlisted the skills of brothers Mike and Vince Tutino, who have been playing drums and bass together since earliest childhood. Mike called in old friends Dan Hoh on guitar and Pat Brennan on mandolin, and The Jane Mutiny was born.

You may have heard some interesting Jane Mutiny arrangements while spinning the radio dial. The Jane Mutiny is in regular rotation on WRUR 88.5 in Rochester and WITH 90.1 in Ithaca, weekday mornings 9-12, during Scott Regan’s Open Tunings.

The Jane Mutiny, like all mutineers, does not respect authority. The band is known for daring arrangements of great songs from all genres. The band has been known to commandeer songs by artists as diverse as The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Warren Zevon, Incubus, Amy Winehouse, Emmylou Harris and The Almann Brothers and give them a unique, bluesy, Americana spin. Oh, and there are a few originals, too.
The Jane Mutiny has performed on stages all across NY State, and in and around Rochester, a few of our favorite places to play are Abilene, Sticky Lips, Lovin’ Cup, The Little Theater, Towpath Cafe in Fairport. We’ve played at the Rochester Museum and Science Center a time or two. The band met with enthusiastic crowds at last year’s Xerox International Jazz Fest, playing two consecutive Saturdays at The Little Theater’s outdoor tent.